After becoming discontent with corporate America’s ideology of restricting monument designs to maximize profits, Joy Monument was founded in 2006 by artist Terry Joy as a way to preserve the artistic values in memorial art.

Today, Joy Monument is recognized as one of the best monument design firms in the country by the American Institute of Commemorative Art, and is able to serve most of North America through a close network of partnerships and associations.

When designing and crafting a memorial, our artist puts the essence of your loved one’s life first. We want to instill who they were, how they lived their life, and how they made others feel directly into the memorial. Every person is unique, and so should be every monument. Each monument we design is carefully customized to reflect the person’s personality, and no small detail is ever overlooked.

At Joy Monument, our goals are simple. We want to provide our clients with the finest crafted, longest lasting and most beautiful memorial available, and to ensure the memorial will be a perfect reflection of the life it represents.

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