Monument Guide

A monument should accurately reflect the life it represents. From the monument type to the materials, each detail has a purpose and should accurately contribute to the overall symbolism. Use this guide to educated yourself about the different types, materials, and styles, and view some examples of each in our monument portfolio. When you’re ready to discuss, or if you have any questions, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Traditional Monuments

As in any industry, the memorial industry has many standard shaped monuments that are easily recognized in local cemeteries.

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Signature Monuments

Our signature monuments are one of a kind memorials created to specifically reflect the goodness and grace of each person or family.

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Individual Monuments

Unlike family monuments, individual monuments are created to mark a single grave.

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Family Monuments

Typically larger than other types of monuments, a family monument is used to mark a family plot of four to eight graves.

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Monument Types


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