At Joy Monument, our main service is to design and build artistic and long-lasting private memorials for the families of those who have passed. While private memorials are our focus, we are also happy to work with committees to help design and create public memorials representing one or more people, places, or special events.

Our vast experience using granite in monuments also gives us the knowledge needed to create beautiful and durable granite signs. Our granite signs use the same Heirloom and Artisan brand granite that we use in our memorials, meaning they are certified to be free of any defects and are backed by a written perpetual warranty. Our granite signs and memorials won’t fade, change color, or crack the way lesser quality granites are known to do.

Memorials are expected to last for centuries, but they will only do so if they are properly cared for. In addition to designing and creating memorials and granite signs, we assist with cleaning and repairing them as they age. Proper maintenance is essential to ensuring your memorial or granite sign will stay in beautiful condition for years to come.

If you have a name or inscription that needs to be added to an existing memorial, we can assist with this as well. Our artists and builders have the experience necessary to add lettering to monuments in the cemetery without damaging or disrupting the existing design.

If you are in search of any of these services, we invite you to schedule a free consultation to discover what the artists and builders at Joy Monument can design for you.

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