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Joy Monument Company is a family-owned headstone and civic memorial business with a lifetime of experience. We have a passion for celebrating lives and their unique stories.

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your feelings
through symbolism

We believe every memorial should be individually designed and crafted to accurately reflect the person it represents.


This memorial was specifically created to represent Mr. Clark’s unique taste in style as an engineer. Utilizing geometric shapes in an overlapping pattern along with contrasting textures of dark polish areas, light unpolished areas, and rocked textures-- his memorial is certainly a one of a kind.

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Expressing and translating the passion of the French word, “Toujours, To love forever”--

The Chaffee memorial is a true expression of endless love, its tablet cradling a very special sculpture that was created and formed not only by the sculptor but also by Mrs. Chaffee. The two doves symbolize the partnership between Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee. The dove’s wing is positioned up and over the other, shielding and protecting the love of his life.

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Mrs. Mattingly loved to tend to her flower gardens. Only original artwork can reflect a person’s passion, charm and uniqueness. And, in the hands of our master craftsman, every detail is awakened into a beautiful sculpture. It has been our honor to serve the Mattingly family.

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This symbolic carving of a guiding lighthouse shines a bright light for travelers, leading them safely towards their destination. We want to thank the Wendt family for their patronage.

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With the excitement of the Kentucky Derby approaching, it is always good to remember those who have shared the passion and love of everything Derby. The beautifully sculpted bronze thoroughbred, with the Garland of Roses, praises Mr. Schifano's love of horse racing and his winning personality.

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memorial journeys.

Personalized Designs
drawn & drafted
by Local artists.

Our craft is our passion. We will guide and collaborate with you through the design process, honoring your vision, to create your perfect memorial.

Meet the artists

Photo Portrait of Terry Joy

Terry Joy, Memorialist

Portrait of David Lanham

David Lanham, Memorialist

Photo Portrait of Melissa Lanham

Melissa Lanham, Office Manager


David, I went to the cemetery today to see my sister's marker. It looks great, and I am very happy with it. Thank you so much for taking time to see me through the process from beginning to installation. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Barbara Greenwell

David, My family and I appreciate the service you provided. We love the monument and also honoring Al's service memorial stone marker. He would be pleased. It looks great! Thank you.

Diane & Gail

Thank you for the beautiful gravestone. It was exactly what I wanted.

Leslie Carmichael

Dear Terry, On behalf of all our family, Wally and I would like to thank you for your care and dedication to bringing our beautiful monument to fruition. Your commitment to create a design based on our ideas, and your attention to those details throughout the process, were so important to us. We know our family has a monument that will speak for generations to come.

Wally & Jonnie Spalding

Dear Terry & David, As our monument undertaking has now come to a close, we want to express our appreciation for the fine execution you both did to satisfy our design and production requests. We are very pleased with the final result. We enjoyed visiting and interacting with you these past two plus years. Thank you for your attention to detail. We wish you continued success in your business endeavors.

Claudette & Bob

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Let's discuss
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We happily take walk-ins, but we do encourage inquiring about appointments to ensure you have the opportunity to speak with our memorialists, Terry and David, when it is convenient for you.

Please note that we do not charge by the hour for consultations. We want to make sure you memorial is perfectly personalized to your wishes, and we will not penalize you for needing extra time to discuss and plan your designs.

Business hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00AM - 5:00PM EST

142 Breckenridge Ln, Louisville, KY 40207

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