Cemetery and Onsite Lettering Engraving

Placing an inscription for your loved one on an existing memorial is an important task. Our experienced, talented craftsman understand the importance of proper engraving, including the ability to match an existing inscription. We are also experienced in on site engraving at churches, businesses, schools and many other locations.

Hand and Impact Etching

Certain materials allow us to create a detailed image such as a portrait of your loved one or your favorite outdoor scene directly on that surface. For many years we have created stunning personalized artwork, working personally with families to take photos, artwork or ideas and turn them into lasting memories. It’s the artist’s human touch that makes these beautiful designs truly unique. Both remarkably detailed and lasting, our etchings allow families to preserve the memory of a loved one. The possibilities are endless when creating an etching!

Memorial Cleaning, Repairs, and Restoration

Over time, a memorial can become dirty due to the elements in the air, trees, birds and other natural occurrences. A quality material can be restored to look just like it was new.


For many years, we have helped families who made the decision to prearrange their cemetery memorial. There are numerous reasons that encourage families to make this choice. In addition to the peace of mind it will bring to you and your family, it will also reflect your wishes exactly. We can help you with everything from the selection of the cemetery to the finished memorial.

At Joy Monument, our primary focus is to create beautiful and enduring private memorials for families who have lost loved ones.

However, we also offer a variety of memorial services such as:

  • Lettering & Engraving
  • Etching
  • Cleaning, Repairs, & Restoration
  • Pre-Arrangement

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