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Glass Art

Glass art is a stunning and personalized addition to any headstone or memorial. Using custom hand-cut stained glass, the designs are carefully inlaid into sandblasted or carved granite and marble. This modern twist on traditional memorials utilizes the glass as the "leading" for each piece, creating a beautiful separation between individual elements of the design. Not only does this technique add a pop of permanent color, but it also provides an economical option for those looking to enhance their loved one's final resting place with a unique and meaningful tribute. Discover the beauty and artistry of glass memorial art today.

Bronze Art

Your vision is unlimited when considering bronze art. Our artisans use techniques, such as lost-wax casting, that have been used for thousands of years to create personalized bronze art pieces. Bronze art can be incorporated into memorial design or displayed proudly in your home or any location of choice.

Ceramic & Porcelain

Using the most advanced digital ceramic system in the world, we are able to create custom memorial portraits using a blend of digital computer technology and the talents of our artists who custom craft each picture. Our ceramics are perpetually warranted to last forever.


We offer a remarkable selection of finely crafted vases built in many lasting materials. There are several shapes, styles and colors to select from. Vases can incorporated into memorial designs or be installed as a separate item.

Bronze Plaques

Creating a tribute plaque is a way to honor and pay tribute in a public setting. Choices range from quality granite to cast metals, such as bronze and aluminum and other natural stone materials. Tribute plaques can be displayed at any approved location, such as schools, churches, parks, businesses, cemeteries or at your home. They can be customized and personalized in any way you can imagine.

Cremation Monuments & Markers

Cremation memorialization choices are not limited and can be highly personalized. Today, many people are choosing cremation and a traditional cemetery memorial is one of several options for those who would like a permanent memorial and assurance that your loved one will have a permanent place to rest. A cremation memorial offers a way to permanently honor your loved one not only today but forever.


Cremation memorialization choices are not limited and can be highly personalized. Today, many people who choose cremation prefer above ground memorialization. We can help you design a quality, secure alternative to traditional burial that is built to last forever. Columbariums can be designed and built for individuals, families, communities, cemeteries, schools, churches and universities.

Granite Signs

We offer custom designed and crafted permanent sign solutions. Granite signs can be built to reflect your business or organization and can be crafted in an array of colors, shapes and sizes. Granite signs are not only beautiful, they endure the test of time.

Sculpture & Statuary

Using virtually unchanged techniques since the days of Michelangelo, our Master Sculptors can help create quality, beautiful statuary and sculpture art. Your design can be crafted in many materials from granite and bronze to marble and other natural stone materials. Your option of museum quality and old-world craftsmanship will be a source of pride and remembrance forever.


Granite benches are a popular alternative to a traditional monument. There are many designs and configurations to choose from. Bench memorials are both beautiful and practical.


The words child and memorial are two words that should never have to be used together. But those families who have lost young children have shared with us just how important having a permanent memorial is. It provides them with a way to commemorate and honor their loved one forever.

Slant & Bevel

Slant memorials sit above the ground and the front slopes at a steep angle. Because of this slope, families are able to identify their loved ones' memorials from a distance. This memorial can be set directly on the ground or can also be set on top of a base to raise the height. Bevel markers are sloped so that the back of the memorial is slightly higher than the front of the memorial. This style is easy to read when standing close to the memorial.

Bronze Flat

Traditional cast bronze is a beautiful enduring material that develops a patina over time. Bronze markers are typically set flush to the ground or they can be attached to a granite base or upright memorial. There are endless ways to personalize bronze memorials with shapes, colors, photos, verses, and many more to commemorate your loved one.

Flush Grass Level

Flat Grass markers are set flush with the ground. Their limited size, however, does not eliminate the opportunity to personalize this marker into a unique and custom piece of art.

Family & Estate

There are many ways to honor a life. Your family’s legacy can live on in the design of a family or estate monument. Family and Estate Memorials generally are designed for three or more people.

Double Couple

Upright memorials can be customized and crafted in almost any shape, color, and size, depending on the plot size and cemetery restrictions. Your loved ones’ hobbies, heritage, and special relationships can provide the basis for a highly personalized memorial design. We can take the design and turn it into an exquisitely crafted, one of a kind, piece of artwork.


Individual one person memorials are designed and built to be centered over one grave. Sometimes more than one person may be buried in a single grave. These memorials can be designed to accommodate one or more than one name.